Studylock™ is the best parental control app that lets kids learn while using their electronic devices.  It locks smartphones and tablets until school grade-appropriate questions are answered.

Parental Controls

Parents can access the web portal at any given time to check their child’s status – correct and wrong answers, and apps/games usage.  

Common Core Standard

For your child to unlock the device, he/she must answer grade-appropriate questions in Common Core Curriculum subjects such as Math, Science, History, Literature, and more.


Check your kid’s progress from your parent portal. View number of correct and wrong answers on each subject, apps and games usage, their position on the leaderboard, and more!


StudyLock™ includes different gamification options to make the app more fun for your child to use. The leaderboard motivates and encourages healthy, academic competition.      

Grading System

Each subscription includes grading tools that enables you to track and identify your child’s stronger and weaker subjects. See everything right in the Parent Portal or configure email notifications and updates.

Emergency Numbers

Your child’s safety is extremely important. Parents can enter emergency phone numbers that the child can very easily call in case of an emergency.        


StudyLock allows users to upload custom questions into the app for additional personalization. By adding custom questions, the user can specifically study on subjects that are important to them, to better help them prepare for test or exams.
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